Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day Prank

I pulled a little prank on the kiddos this morning. Since it was April Fool's Day I couldn't resist a chance to make them laugh.
Last year it was gummy worms in their apples for their lunch. And water with some food colouring instead of juice. Nothing spectacular but they liked being fooled.

If I had remembered what day it was sooner I might have tried something a bit more exciting this year. Like fried eggs made out of marshmallows and dried apricots. Do I have a problem?

Last night I prepared my prank. I made Jello and poured it into two small glass cups. Then I left them to set overnight. In the morning, I had the kids sit at the table for breakfast with their waffles and "juice".

Let's just say, their juice was a little hard to drink!

So they got fooled and sweet treat for breakfast. There's always room for a little


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